BioAim™ DMS 2004

Part Number: DMS 2004 The BioAim DMS 2004 is a portable handheld misting/fogging system which allows the user to spray our biocide directionally at specific areas or items. For example, it is extremely useful in kindergartens or clinical settings, where you may wish to target extra effort to decontaminate equipment or areas of intense use.…

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The AmbuGard DMS1998-21 portable misting device is simply placed inside vehicles with the doors closed to achieve total decontamination of a type “B” ambulance in under 3 minutes. This means vehicles can be sanitised quickly, cheaply and to log 6 reduction levels, without the need to take them off the road for lengthy periods. The…

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InfectionGard® Misting & Sanitising Spray

Part Number: 2051 With the InfectionGard® Sanitising Spray, you can now carry your own misting device with you – at home, in the car or in your office. Our InfectionGard® Sanitising Spray has a built in continuous spray system, which keeps spraying after you release the trigger. Pump the trigger 3-5 times and the spray…

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