Retail Application


In shops, you will always want to limit the number of toxic substances involved in sanitising the premises to ensure the safety of your customers and maintain high quality among your products. Thanks to Eco-Misting you can cut out the need for toxic sanitisers and potentially flammable products. All of our products are capable of killing up to 99.9999% of pathogens and still be Eco-friendly, alcohol-free, toxic-free, and pH neutral. This makes Eco-Misting suitable for use in sensitive environments, around food, and it’s harmless to people, animals, and plants. Not only do our products reduce airborne and surface pathogens, but they also extend the life of organic fruit, vegetables, and meat. This obviously reduces wastage and the burden on our planet’s natural resources. From shopping trolleys to delivery vehicles, the risk of infection and contamination can be controlled using our misting & fogging solutions.

We offer products that can decontaminate entire rooms at a time using Dry-Misting Technology, as well as trigger spray bottles that can be used to tackle problematic areas prone to bacterial or viral infections.

From delivery vehicles of a few cubic metres, to even the largest of spaces, Eco-Mist Biotechnics® can offer an eco-friendly, effective dry misting solution. Our misting technology includes our patented personnel decontamination system, right up to units which can decontaminate spaces as big a 500,000 cubic metres. Call or email us for more information

Refill...Not Landfill™

Our core product range, InfectionGard, includes a system of refillable products - allowing you to easily reduce plastic waste in your home or business.