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There has been much speculation that the days of working from offices are numbered. But, the evidence shows that the vast majority of people work best in social settings and prefer (at least) some office time to interact with colleagues, managers and friends.

As employees return to the office, there is a duty of care on employers to ensure the environment is safe, hygienic and germ free. What’s more, those companies who recognise this, will attract and retain the best staff, who expect the highest standards.

At Eco-Mist Biotechnics, we have developed a range of products to make surface, air and skin infection control, easy, safe and effective.

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It’s not only employers who need to take responsibility for their work-space. Employees need to contribute as well. That’s why we developed our work-space package of products which include:

These items allow employers and employees to sanitise the spaces around their work-stations including communal office areas like kitchens, toilets, and meeting rooms, including high touch areas like, door handles, computers, printers, kettles, cups, toilet flushes, taps and more.

With regular light spraying of surfaces throughout the day, our sanitiser will kill up to 99.9999% of ALL TYPES of germs within 30 seconds contact time -that’s 1000 times more than Dettol® for example. By using our InfectionGard surface and air sanitising spray, it is easy to treat the air and surfaces around your own work station and sanitise your hands with our DermaGard alcohol free hand sanitiser as often as you feel the need, without causing the dryness and cracking created with frequent use of alcohol based hand sanitisers.

InfectionGard Surface and Air Sanitising Spray in a Bottle (2051)


Covid-19 has significantly contributed to our understanding of airborne (aerosol) transmission of infection. Both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have officially acknowledged the inhalation of virus laden aerosols as a main transmission mode in spreading Covid-19 at both short and long ranges (2021).

It is vital therefore, that we have effective products to fight against airborne aerosols in order to keep our rooms, vehicles and public spaces safe. Misting the air, including whole room misting, copies the virus and bacteria behaviour, allowing our biocidal mist to follow the same pathways and destroy them wherever they exist.

Eco-Mist Biotechnics has developed a range of misting equipment which allows the user to sanitise the air and surfaces easily without polluting the planet. From our low cost refillable, ‘mist in a bottle’ aerosol, to our hand held battery misting system or our whole room ‘autoMist’ decontamination units, we have products that will let you maintain the highest level of Infection Control, to hospital grade standards.

Our biocide has been independently laboratory tested to rigorous internationally recognized standards and complies with or exceeds:

BSEN 1040 BSEN 1275 BSEN 1276   BSEN 13697   BSEN 14476  

BSEN 16777  NF T 72-281

InfectionGard Rechargable Battery Operated Misting Machine (DMS2005)