We at Eco-Mist Biotechnics® appreciate that a hotel business needs constant maintenance as it strives to deliver the best experience to its customers. Our products can help your hotel reach a new level of quality as they can ensure a deeper sense of safety, cleanliness, and freshness.

With the help of Eco-misting, your facilities can be effectively decontaminated frequently to eliminate bacteria and viruses. Our formula has the ability to eradicate up to 99.9999% of pathogens, while still being completely natural, Eco-friendly, and toxic-free. It’s safe to use around people, animals, and plants, as well as in food preparation areas. Our misting devices can decontaminate hard to reach surfaces as well as the air in large rooms and vehicles.

We also offer spillage kit products that will help your cleaning staff effectively get rid of liquids, vomit, and other fluids, as well as sanitiser sprays that can be used directly in problematic areas. Our DermaGard™ hand sanitisers are gentle to the skin, Eco-friendly, fragrance-neutral, pH-neutral, and alcohol-free, and is available both in spray-bottles as well as in wall-mounted dispensers. We highly recommend making it available to your staff and your customers.

In case of the unfortunate event that your facilities would suffer from insect infestations, our insect repellent InsectGard™ is an extremely effective solution. It’s a natural product that is harmless to people and animals and can be used even in kitchen areas.

Refill...Not Landfill™

Our core product range, InfectionGard, includes a system of refillable products - allowing you to easily reduce plastic waste in your home or business.