Our non-toxic InfectionGard biocide, delivered as a dry mist, enables healthcare facilities to effectively, efficiently and economically, sanitise high risk areas. Because our biocide is non-toxic there is no need to close off wards, rooms or common areas for hours. Using our products and systems will radically reduce the risk of Health Care Acquired Infections (HCAI’s) in hospitals, Care Homes, Doctors, and Dental Practices. Just as importantly, by using the system on a planned maintenance basis, facilities can avoid dangerous, stressful and costly ‘outbreaks’ like Covid-19, flu, Norovirus, TB and more.

We have a wide range of products which can improve the standard in your facilities and vehicles. These products are consistently being tested and further developed so that we can continue providing the healthcare sector with the highest quality solutions to make environments safer. As all products are toxic-free and easy to use, your staff will be able to handle the equipment by themselves and are always welcome to turn to us for help. Our nationwide Eco-Misting service means we can carry out the decontamination on your behalf in rooms, vehicles or public spaces. We also validate our process and results using SystemSure Plus electronic swabbing. This system provides before and after results ensuring you can demonstrate an effective Infection Control Procedure for your facility.

Refill...Not Landfill™

Our core product range, InfectionGard, includes a system of refillable products - allowing you to easily reduce plastic waste in your home or business.