TattooGard™ Tattoo Disinfectant

Part Number: 2070-500 (500ml)
Part Number: 2070-330 (330ml)

Avoid infections and skin irritation after getting tattooed with our eco-friendly and toxic free disinfectant TattooGard™. By using this product you can ensure that your skin heals quicker by eradicating any bacteria which could cause infections and damage to your skin.

The disinfectant does not contain alcohol or bleach and will not dry out your skin or fade your tattoo. It is safe to use around children, animals and plants, as well as areas for food preparation. This product comes in either a 500ml spray bottle or a 330ml bottle which sprays the solution as a fine mist.

Product Details

• Kills up to 99.9999% of pathogens present
• Skin pH neutral
• Will not sting
• Contains no alcohol
• Contains no bleach
• Non-flammable
• Non-irritant
• Fragrance Free
• Has no COSHH (Health & Safety) implications
• Environmentally neutral
• Harmless to people, plants and animals

Product Specifications

Rellable Containers
500ml Spray Bottle
330ml Gentle Mist Spray bottle

TattooGard 500ml Part Number; 2070-500

TattooGard 330ml Part Number; 2070-330ml



Our entire range is available to order online.  Our core product range, InfectionGard, includes a system of refillable products - allowing you to easily reduce plastic waste in your home or business.