AmbuGard ®

AmbuGard® Range

The AmbuGard® dry misting systems have been specifically developed for use in emergency vehicles to allow hard pressed paramedics, firefighters and police to quickly, easily and efficiently decontaminate vehicles in around 3 minutes. Designed to be used with our InfectionGard® misting solution, the units produce a microscopic dry mist which sanitises the air and all surfaces within the vehicle. Our non-toxic biocide achieves up to a log 6 (99.9999%) clinical kill rate, of all types of pathogen present, including Corona Viruses, gram positive and gram negative bacteria, mycobacteria, spores, yeast and mould. What's more our unique biocide formula will not damage sensitive electronic equipment; is non-corrosive and does not leave a residue.

With the AmbuGard®, you no longer need to take vehicles off the road for up to 4 hours for full decontamination. For vehicles fitted with an integrated system, the sanitising process can even be done on the move. Our portable model is designed for regular, planned decontamination of fleets, where the unit is moved from vehicle to vehicle while they are off the road for maintenance or deep cleaning. Because the units use very little sanitiser in the process, the cost to decontaminate a vehicle is less than a cup of coffee!

AmbuGard® DMS1998-21 Portable Dry Mister

The AmbuGard® DMS1998-21 portable misting device is easy to use, convenient and low cost. Simply place the unit inside vehicles with the doors closed to achieve total decontamination of a type “B” ambulance in under 3 minutes. This means vehicles can be sanitised quickly, cheaply and to log 6 reduction levels (99.9999% kill rate), without the need to take them off the road for lengthy periods.

The portable AmbuGard® operates on 240v or 110v. The AmbuGard® is controlled by a digital timer with auto-cut off but can also be manually stopped at any time. For bigger vehicles, the digital timer can be adjusted to suit the cubic volume inside the vehicle. We provide a guidance chart to make it easy to set the unit to run for the appropriate time. Using our InfectionGard® non-toxic biocide there is no risk of corrosion to the vehicle or the sensitive equipment inside and the mist is harmless to humans, making it perfect for rapid and safe decontamination!

The AmbuGard® is equally effective in other types of vehicles, including laundry trucks, frozen, chilled and ambient vehicles, police, fire and rescue service vehicles, or any vehicle where a risk of cross-infection is possible.

AmbuGard DMS1998-21 - TRANS (1)-1

AmbuGard® Integrated OEM Systems

At Eco-Mist we offer AmbuGard® OEM dry misting systems for vehicle converters and manufacturers to integrate with the design in any type of vehicle. Different customers like different layouts. So, our systems can be configured to sit conveniently in any vehicle, to minimise space, yet still produce full decontamination in minutes. Because vehicles and their layouts differ, our OEM systems are individually specified for each supplier and customer. For full details of the system and a detailed quote for your vehicle(s), call us on +44 (0) 1539 536856 or email us on with your contact details and a convenient time to call you back.

AmbuGard® Retro-Fit Dry Misting Systems

Good news! You don't need to wait until you are replacing your vehicles to upgrade them for Infection Control. The Pandemic and social distancing has meant many vehicles need to be regularly and frequently decontminated after patient transfers. This huge burden affects vehicle journeys, increases the risk to users and employees. Now with the AmbuGard® Retro-Fit OEM systems, we can customise them to fit almost any vehicle, adding flexibility to your fleet and helping you ensure the safety of patients, staff and maintenace teams.