What Our Customers say

Every business loves it when a customer tells them they have done a good job. We’re no different. So, you don’t have to take our word for it that our products, equipment and customer service are good. Here’s a few comments and testimonials from our customers.


Firstly, thank you so much for your rapid response to our need to solve the recent Norovirus problem in our care home…We are delighted to tell you that, by using your Eco Mist system, the problem was contained and solved in a day and a half. I am sure you understand how important that was in relieving pressure on our staff, residents and visitors. The fact that the unit is easy to operate, light and portable, with a low running cost, makes it a great addition to our fight against infection.

VS – General Manager


Thank you for supplying us with your excellent AmbuGard disinfection system for our fleet of ambulances. We have been using the equipment and disinfectant for a couple of months now and our head of hygiene is delighted with the results and the speed and ease of use. By using the AmbuGard and your Tribiosan we are able to deep clean quicker, to a higher level and get our vehicles back on the road quicker. Our crews and patients also feel safer that the risk of infection is minimised.It is so easy, safe and cost effective to use, that I would recommend this system to anyone in our sector. Thanks again!

WB – Owner


prior to using the system for the first time in April of this year, we were experiencing a higher than acceptable loss of stock due to bacterial infection. However, by fogging the sheds prior to housing the birds and following your advice on some other sensible practices, I am pleased to say that we suffered minimal loss of birds in the treated sheds. In contrast, in the untreated sheds, the stock loss was consistent with previous years. We had to use no medication during rearing, meaning significant savings and we will definitely use the system and biocide in every shed from now on.

CH – Gamekeeper of 30 Years



We write to congratulate you on the formulation of this product and thank you for your demonstration and use of this in our residential units. Since its use in our units and workstations we have found a decrease in sickness levels and a much better environment all round. The products has been extremely effective in the on-going support of a healthy environment. This supports the Clinical Governance of Infection Control and was applauded by our Governing Body, CQC, during recent inspections.

AJM – Head of Business