MicroWizzard Air Monitoring system

Air Monitoring system

Developed exclusively by Eco-Mist Biotechnics, the portable MicroWizzard air monitoring system uses microbial swabs to detect contamination in the air, using a simple but clever airflow system. After incubation of the microbial swabs, the level of contamination can be measured and remedial action put in place, using our dry misting technology.

MicroWizzard Air Monitoring System

Many dangerous microorganisms are transmitted by air, through sneezing, coughing and breathing. It is important therefore, that there is a simple, quick and effective method of determining if the air in any room or vehicle poses a risk to human or animal health.

The MicroWizzard air monitoring system is placed in the room and captures a predetermined level of air on dipslides, which record the amount of contamination present. The microbes are then incubated to determine the level of colony forming units present (CFU). Remedial action can then be taken, typically using one of our dry misting machines to sanitize the air and surfaces in the room or vehicle.

The MicroWizzard is a simple portable device that makes air monitoring easy.

The system specification includes:

  • Lightweight, portable and easy to use
  • Battery operated
  • Choice of dipslides to identify different pathogens
  • Use in conjunction with incubator system for accurate results
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